The President, working with the leadership team, will actively seek to advance all phases of the work of United Methodist Women.  She will:

a. Preside at all meetings of the unit and its leadership team and serve as an ex officio member of all other committees, where they exist, except the committee on nominations.

b. Sign all legal and financial documents and orders on the treasury.

c. Prepare reports as necessary with the elected officers.

d. Develop with the leadership team ways to plan and engage in mission.

e. Represent the unit in all meetings or name a substitute.

f. Be a member of the local United Methodist church with which the unit is affiliated and serve, where they exist, as a member of the church council or on the administrative council or administrative board/council on ministries (The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church 2012, ¶252.5i). Membership in the local church may include affiliate membership.

The Vice President, working cooperatively with the president, will assist the unit in fulfilling the PURPOSE.  She will:

a. Guide the leadership team in its responsibility for planning and implementing the program of the unit.

b. Perform the duties of the president in her absence.

c. Promote ecumenical relations.

d. Chair the committee on program where one exists or, if there is no separate committee; chair the leadership team when dealing with matters relating to program. She will serve on the committee on finance where one exists.

The treasurer will be informed concerning the financial responsibility of the unit and the program and responsibilities of the United Methodist Women national organization.  She will:

a. Receive and disburse funds on order of the unit, account for all funds of the unit and work with the leadership team to develop a plan for receiving funds from individuals or subgroups on a regular basis.

b. Remit all funds, except those designated for mission locally and for local administration and membership development, to the district treasurer. These remittances will be made monthly or quarterly as the conference and/or district organization may direct.

c. Make itemized reports to the unit at regularly scheduled meetings and annual reports to the unit, submit the local unit’s books annually to the audit committee of the local church and send an annual itemized statement of all funds to the district treasurer.

d. Chair the committee on finance where one exists or, if there is no separate committee, chair the leadership team when dealing with matters related to finance.

e. Serve on the leadership team and other committees when dealing with financial matters.

The secretary will be informed about the program and the total involvement of the local unit in order to perform the responsibilities assigned to her and to assist the president.  She will:

a. Keep accurate minutes of all meetings of the unit and its leadership team and give notice of these meetings.

b. Serve as custodian of all records and official documents.

c. Sign all official, legal and financial documents, making certain each is properly dated.

d. Keep an accurate roll of membership.

e. Send a list of elected leaders of the unit, including addresses, ZIP codes, telephone numbers and e-mails, to the secretary of the district organization immediately upon their election and interim changes, and send the name of the new president to the resource center: United Methodist Women Mission Resources.

f. Serve on the leadership team and other committees as necessary.

The chairperson of the committee on nominations and other members are responsible for the nomination of all elected leaders of the unit. This requires a clear understanding of the duties of each elected leader and knowledge of the skills, interests and potential of the members of the unit.  She will:

a. Develop plans to help members of the committee see their task as an ongoing one.

b. Provide information to the committee concerning vacancies that need to be filled.

c. Identify and promote new leadership.