Our Costa Rica Missionaries
Ray & Lidia Zirkel

In 1995, Ray & Lidia were invited by Dr. Luis Palomo, Bishop, to minister with the Methodist Church in Costa Rica.  Ray is an ordained elder in the Methodist Church and serves as a professor at the Evangelical Methodist Seminary.  In addition, Ray is a member of the Board of Directors of the Methodist High School and Elementary School; and, he helps to plant and develop local congregations.  Lidia is the director of the Methodist Children´s Home and they host approximately 25 short-term mission teams each year who work on a variety of church related ministries.


2019 Summer Missionary Newsletter    

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Our Mexico Missionaries
Steve & Tonia Williams

Steve and Tonia Williams

True Path Ministry, Inc. is a Christ-Centered organization working primarily in Mexico to share the love of Jesus. We work with native pastors and local believers to shine the light of the gospel into remote and often forgotten areas. We ministry to people’s physical and spiritual needs.


True_Path_Winter_2019_2020 Newsletter