MUMC Nominating Committee

¶ 258. 1.The charge of the nominating committee is to identify, develop, deploy, evaluate, and monitor Christian spiritual leadership for the local congregation. Members of the committee shall engage in and be attentive to developing and enhancing their own Christian spiritual life in light of the mission of the Church
(Part VI, Chapter One, Section 1).

In conducting its work, the committee shall engage in biblical
and theological reflections on the mission of the church,
the primary task, and ministries of the local church. It shall
provide a means of identifying the spiritual gifts and abilities
of the membership. The committee shall work with the church
council, or alternative administrative bodies, to determine the
diverse ministry tasks of the congregation and the skills needed
for leadership.
a) The committee on nominations and leadership development
shall serve throughout the year to guide the church council,
or alternative structure, on matters regarding the leadership
(other than employed staff) of the congregation so as to focus
on mission and ministry as the context for service; guide the
development and training of spiritual leaders; recruit, nurture,
and support spiritual leaders; and assist the church council, or
alternative structure, in assessing the changing leadership needs.
b) The committee shall recommend to the charge conference,
at its annual session, the names of people to serve as officers
and leaders of designated ministries of the church council,
or alternative administrative body required for the work of the
church and as the law of the church requires or as the charge conference
deems necessary to its work….

d) In order to secure experience and stability, the membership
shall be divided into three classes, one of which shall be
elected each year for a three-year term. To begin the process of
rotation where such has not been in place, in the first year, one
class shall be elected for one year, one class for two years, and one
class for three years. Each year’s new class, and vacancies at the
time of charge conference, shall be elected from nominees, from
the floor of the charge conference, and/or through the recommendation
of the committee on nominations and leadership development.
Retiring members of the committee shall not succeed
themselves. Only one person from an immediate family residing
in the same household shall serve on the committee. When vacancies
occur during the year, nominees shall be elected by the church
council, or alternative church structure, with the permission of the
district superintendent.
e) In the identification and selection process, care shall
be given that the leadership of ministries reflects inclusivity and